Mobile Phone Unlocking

The best mobile phone unlocking service available online! Unlock your mobile phone instantly in 3 simple steps! No Credit or debit card required!

Simply Unlocking provides an online mobile phone unlocking service which has unlocked thousands of mobile phones. We aimed to create a service which was easy, quick and cost effective and we feel our 3 step system has achieved this. Please read terms and conditions before using our service. We also recommend that you read our frequently asked qustions page before you unlock your mobile phone as there is some useful information about our mobile phone unlocking service.

Unlock Your Mobile


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  1. Discover your 15 digit "IMEI" number by typing *#06# into your mobile keypad.
  2. Dial 090 6575 3636 (Please read Terms)
  3. Enter the instantly generated code into your mobile keypad to use your phone on any network! (need help with the code?)


Calls cost £1.50 per min. from BT landline. Call last approximately 3-4 minutes. Make sure you are 18+ and have the bill payers permission before dialling. Please read all the terms and conditions before dialling. By Dialling you agree to the terms and conditions.


Please read the frequently asked questions to ensure you understand our mobile phone unlocking service and have all the necessary information ready when you call to unlock your mobile phone, so you spend as little time on the phone as possible. Click here to read FAQ's.

What is mobile phone unlocking

Mobile phone unlocking is a service which enables you to use your mobile phone on any network. For example if your mobile is locked to an orange network by unlocking it you will be able to use your mobile on any other network, such as Vodafone. This is done by entering a code into your mobile keypad which is found by computer software. Please see the terms and conditions before dialling.

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