Unlocking Help

Your unlock code will look something like this: #pw+1234567890+1#
Power on your handset without a sim card inserted and enter the unlock code.
Your unlocking code will start with #PW+ followed by a 10 or 15 digit numeric code.
And finally it will end with +1# or +5#

For example #PW+123456789012345+5#

Once you have your unlock code, follow these simple steps:
1. Power on your handset without a Sim card inserted.
2. Enter the unlocking code.

To bring up the +, press the * key two times
To bring up the P, press the * key three times
To bring up the W, press the * key four times

Once you have entered the code your phone will appear “Sim Restriction Off” on the screen. Your mobile is now unlocked to accept a sim from any other network. If you do not see this message or something similar, follow the instructions as above but leave the Sim card inserted in the phone instead. You only have 5 attempts at entering your code, after which the mobile will be hardlocked and you will need to visit a phone specialist to have your phone unlocked via cable. If you do have any trouble simply contact one of our staff by clicking the contact section at the top.

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