Bespoke Business Telecoms Packages

At Simply Telecoms we believe that we have the right telecoms package for you. Why? Because our packages are bespoke; you pick and choose the services you want. This way our services can be as effective for business startups as they can for large organisations.

Business Packages

Bronze Telecoms

Silver Telecoms

Gold Telecoms

Up to five 0845 numbers

Up to ten 0845 numbers

Up to twenty 0845 numbers

5 additional services

7 additional services

ALL additional services




The Gold Package includes a GOLD number worth £500- helping you to make your business number memorable!




voice mailbox with dial in to listen options and email message delivery

Customer Controlled Routing

dial-in and instantly re-route calls to your 0845 numbers to whatever destination you want.


Number Divert

you can route calls to multiple destinations, so you never have to miss a call again. You can create multiple hunt groups and switch between them instantly using customer controlled routing.

Dialled Number Display

you can see the 0845 number the caller has dialled.

Fax to Email

receive faxes via your email.

Email to Fax

Send faxes via your email

Time of Day Routing

calls to your 0845 number are diverted to different locations all depending on the time of day.

Day Routing

calls to your 0845 number are diverted to different locations all depending on the day of the week.

Mobile Routing

0845 to mobile allows you to answer business calls no matter where you are. Charges are 11p/per min.



this gives you access to our online statistics allowing you to monitor the success of your adverts by analysing your inbound call statistics. We provide free trials for this service.

Virtual Switchboard (IVR)

the virtual switchboard will answer and route your calls to wherever the caller wants to go.


Contact us on 0845 833 0845 for more information and to order...

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