Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I go through Simply Telecoms and not another operator?

A. Most UK service providers charge you by the minute for all incoming calls received on 0845 numbers. We do not charge you, we actually pay you a revenue share of 0.3 pence per minute based on the number of minutes per incoming call (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) received by your 0845 numbers.

Q. How does it all work?

A. Firstly, you decide how many 0845 numbers you want. For example, choose one number for your main incoming line. Then, choose a few more numbers, so you can tell where your advertising responses are coming from. Place 1 number in Yellow Pages, 1 in Thompson's Local Directory and have one for the ads in your local paper etc. With our monthly statement, you can see where the responses to your advertising come from. Next, let us know the existing telephone line numbers to which you want us to direct your new 0845 numbers to. It's as simple as that.

Q. How do you manage to pay me for this service when BT and other 0845 providers charge?

A. When a caller calls your 0845 number, we carry the call for much of its journey, therefore BT pay us part of the call cost.

Q. What if I move offices or home?

A. If you move, we simply re-direct your 0845 number/s to your new address, anywhere in the UK. A small charge may apply .

Q. What if I have more than one office?

A. We can supply you with sequential 0845 numbers if you have a number of business lines and faxes. You may also wish to have different 0845 numbers for each office in your company. An added advantage is, that you can communicate between offices and pay only local call rates.

Q. Does my customer have to pay more when they call me?

A. No. In most cases they will pay less, as they are only charged at local call rates, no matter where they are calling from in the UK.

Q. Do I need new telephone equipment installing?

A. No, not for 0845 numbers

Q. Does this affect my current telephone number?

A. No, your calls are received as normal, the only difference being, the caller dials your 0845 number which is routed to your existing telephone line number.

Q. I already have an 0845 service, can I switch the service to you and keep our existing 0845 number?

A. Yes. We can "port" your number from British Telecom, Energis and Cable and Wireless. This will allow you to retain your existing 0845 number, and the service will work in exactly the same way apart from ported numbers attract a lower call income.. You will also save money, of course!

Q. How will I receive my income on my incoming calls?

A. Income is paid on a monthly basis. Where the income due is less than £100, the amount will be rolled over and credited to the following month.

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