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Welcome to AdTracker™

AdTracker™ is the most efficient yet simple advertising tracking system around. Our AdTracker™ system uses simple technology, which is very easy to use; to track your customers and inform you of the advert they saw.

AdTracker™ can:

So, how does it work?

AdTracker™ is simple yet extremely effective; we can set you up with a range of 0845 numbers, one for each form of advertising you use. All the 0845 calls get redirected to your current phone number, so you won’t need to change anything. Take a look at the example at the end of this document.

What will AdTracker™ cost me?

£100pa which includes:

AdTracker™ can be used with any non-geographic number.

Is AdTracker™ for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, AdTracker™ is for you!

Below is an example of AdTracker™ implementation:

Places you advertise:

You monitor the success of your adverts calls received, for example:

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