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Why do we offer our numbers for free?

We don't want you to think that we offer our numbers for free because they are worthless, because they're not. In fact it's quite the opposite; we believe that non- geographic numbers are so valuable to businesses that we give them away for free to encourage people to use them. Non geographic numbers, such as 0871, have so many benefits that people often don't realise:

We also believe that 0871 numbers should be free just as geographic numbers are free.

Are there any risks involved in using an 0871 number?

The answer is simple: there are no risks in using an 0871 number. There is zero risk of misuse as you pay nothing towards the call. The 0871 number will not affect your landline number in anyway, you will still be able to make and receive calls on your landline. All calls are delivered over the BT network, giving you security in performance. International calls are delivered over a Tier 1 carrier. If you would like to ask any questions please contact us on 0845 833 0845.

How do our 0871 numbers work?



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